Hearth Dealer Marketing Toolbox
Hearth Dealer Marketing Toolbox

hearth dealer marketing toolbox

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Marketing Hearth Products Has CHANGED!

Most hearth dealers still rely on the traditional marketing efforts that they have been using for the past 20 years such as print, Yellow Pages, billboards, radio and TV.  While these media channels still have value, their effectiveness has decreased when used on their own and without an overall strategy.

In the past, marketing efforts have been reactive.  Messaging was primarily based on wood and pellet as an alternative to the high cost of propane, electric or oil.  Today's lower cost for these fuels make that message ineffective as it does not resonate with buyers as filling a need.  This messaging was designed to promote a product rather than promoting your brand.

Technological advances, such as digital marketing, have opened up new opportunities that we, as an industry, need to embrace in order to thrive.  Most retailers have little, if any, knowledge of digital marketing which has become an important tool in targeted advertising.

In addition, some retailers are using poor quality assets that could reflect badly on their company.  These assets were based on price rather than quality, resulting in in poor results and a waste of money.

 We've done the work for you!

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Why did we create the HDMT?

To Present New Marketing Strategies


Retailers have an opportunity to implement an overall marketing strategy that will be in step with the current market conditions.  This includes being aware of current demographics and what motivates the target customer to buy.

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To Help Our Dealer Members


Trying to do your own commercials and digital ads would be overwhelming, not to mention expensive!  As a member in your HPBA affiliate, an organization with common interests, there is strength in numbers and we can be stronger together!  Your membership gets you more than the cost of benefits.

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To Move the Hearth Industry Forward


Change is necessary to make your business viable and profitable and promote the industry professionally.  We're here to help you navigate through the new technology.  Find out pricing details through your respective HPBA Affiliate.
We've made the transition EASY!

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Hearth Dealer Marketing Toolbox